This one is special.

Come see.

Every piece Emily creates comes from the same place of inner inspiration, but somehow no hanging follows the same rules and brings unique energy into the space. Even in the busyness of life with work and a toddler, each piece carries a piece of her heart.


Emily has made me the most beautiful macrame pieces. Whenever someone comes into my home they always ask ' who made that??'. They are definitely the show stoppers of my house.


Emily made me a custom hangings based on past designs of hers I liked and what she made was more than perfect.


when i'm true to my style, my pieces are soft yet a little wild.

layers of texture

different sized rope

brushed ends

i hope hands dance across the fringe as they walk by

i hope the ends meet curious little texture seeking fingers.

its art..but like, it aint no mona lisa. touch.

the beauty in imperfection, the perfection in creation