Get to know me




Thank you for being here.

I am Emily. I work full time, mother and macrame.

I have always been creative but I haven't always had an outlet for it. The art of macrame always intrigued me but for the longest time I just admired it from a distance.

This business of mine was born out of a persistent urge to create and grief. The grief that comes before the loss. The time that you need to busy your hands and mind.

Creating was and is therapeutic for me. I do not draw out designs or patterns , I sit down each time with no expectations and just let my mind wander while my hands create stories and shapes out of knots.

I love the versatility of expression this craft allows. The quiet moments, the time to reflect & and the beauty in the process is what keeps me knotting.

I truly appreciate every person who takes the time to admire my creations and I couldn’t feel more proud when I see them filling a space that was once empty.

I will never say they are perfect but they will always be one of a kind.